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I know I’m painting with a broad brush here because there have been some really, really (is this helping? Yet without it, the church has little reason for existing.) awesome songs written in the last two decades that deserve a place on the all-time worship songs list. Maybe because they’re Oh, I know, every so often you toss a token “hymn” (meaning written within the last century or so) into the mix. This book is a collection of truth-telling essays, comedic rants, and open letters offered with a twist of humor and sarcasm in the hope of focusing attention on real church issues that are often ignored.

[See my post Why I Left Your Seeker-Friendly Church.] Instead of feeling the joy of joining with other believers in offering praises to the Almighty, I often feel insulted, bored, and disconnected from 2,000 years of worship history.

Lately, it’s been very necessary when the music is playing and we’re supposed to be singing, you know, to God. Maybe all the “seekers” are enjoying it, but I’m finding it hard to sincerely engage in anything resembling worship.

It’s that so many of the songs remind me of the ditties we sang at camp — when I was ten.

This decision is based upon the finding that on the day that marriage vows were exchanged, some essential elements were lacking.

This process is completely in conformity with the Catholic teaching regarding the indissolubility of marriage.

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In the Mass, Christ’s Sacrifice on the Cross is made present, its memory is celebrated and its saving power is applied.