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Serious collectors can join the International Sewing Machine Collector's Society.

This global club of antique sewing machine enthusiasts was founded in 1985 by a small group of English sewing machine collectors in the UK.

While the majority of early 20th century, vintage Singer sewing machines are valuable as decorative items only, the early Singer models mentioned above still hold value as collectible antiques.

The good thing about restoring a Singer sewing machine is that the company is still around and replacement parts for antique Singer sewing machines are still available through the company.

Singer can use this information to tell you the year your machine was produced.

Next, take a good hard look at the condition of the machine.

Very desirable antique Singer sewing machines will have some detail that attracts the collector.

It may be the design, a unique color, certain stenciling, or any number of other factors.

Determining what your Singer is worth gives you the knowledge you need to insure, sell, or just enjoy your machine.

Collecting antique and vintage sewing machines is big business and a very popular hobby in many countries.

Antique sewing machines have strong appeal to collectors because they are visually stunning and have such an important role in the advancement of our human society.

Singer Model 221 and 222 Featherweight Sewing Machines are considered the perfect vintage portable sewing machines by antique collectors, quilters and seamstresses.

These vintage sewing machines are a hot item for both buyers and sellers and refurbished, working machines in good condition are selling for 0 to 0 online.

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An old sewing machine from any maker with a serial number of 5000 or less will have more value, especially those from obscure manufacturers.