Metaphor of baseball and dating

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After being hanged, but while still alive, they were lowered to the ground and castrated; disembowelment and the burning of viscera were performed before their eyes.They were then decapitated and quartered, the resultant pieces being preserved for exhibition by being boiled and perhaps coated in pitch.Shortened to hack, the word is still in use for a horse of this kind.By the 16th century, a hackney had also become a horse available for hire: this enabled the word to become a metaphor for a person hired to do low-grade work.In Old English a hackney was an ordinary horse (i.e.not a thoroughbred) suitable for general use, especially for riding by ladies; the name may have come from Hackney in London, where horses used to be raised.was not a legal formula but a common expression summarising a much longer and more detailed sentence delivered by a judge.It is not clear whether drawn refers to the conveyance to execution or to the removal of viscera ('draw' is an old word for disembowel) - probably the latter, judging from its position in the expression.

Anyone who has ever used such an old-fashioned pair of scales will know that two almost equal weights can oscillate for some time before they come down on one side or the other.Probably they were just happy because what they sold for money cost them very little or nothing.It has been estimated that they could make over 5 a morning, and if they were also given the job of clearing out the old sand before laying the new their happiness might well have been enhanced by the possibility of finding dropped valuables in it.A period of calm usually lasting about a fortnight before and after the winter solstice was therefore known as the A nautical term denoting the condition of a ship stranded on a reef, rock, etc., partly (half) submerged and with the seas breaking over it.The ship's helplessness is compared to that of a drunken person equally unable to steer a course.

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An allusion to an old belief that the (burnt) hair of a dog would act as an antidote to the bite of a mad dog if it was placed on the wound.

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