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The creators of these marvels, the Dwarfs were a class of clever supernatural beings not unlike elves and fairies, noted for skill at metalworking and serving the gods.

The battle will take place on the field of Vgrr, with Heimdallr blowing mightily in the Gjallar-Horn to awaken all the gods.

His Old High German name was "Wtan", in Old English "Wōden", and Old Anglo Saxon"Wdan" Wednesday (Woden's day) was named for him.

He was called "The wanderer" because he loved to travel the nine worlds disguised as an ordinary man but was also known for shape shifting into animal forms.

Head judge Shirley Ballas has defended her decision to save Mollie King and AJ Pritchard during the dance-off and admitted that Aston really didn't deserve to be in the dance-off at all, while Mollie herself called the whole thing a "lose-lose" situation too."Yeah, it was a shock," Simon added, although he did reveal that there was one person who wasn't as outraged that Aston had left last week, and that was Aston himself."I actually spoke to Aston on Sunday and he was alright," Simon added.

Fellow contestant Debbie Mc Gee revealed that there was a feeling of "absolute horror" in the studio when Aston and his dance partner Janette Manrara were revealed to be in the bottom two last week."The studio went completely quiet," Debbie said.

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Surtur (Surtr) was said by some to be the son of Mspell, founder of Muspelhiem the volcanic, smoldering and glowing and burning southern region of the first world, yet other legends say he was the first living being in the nine worlds, created from the primal fires.

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