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pic.twitter.com/z Mz MNRPOW8 — John Mc Donnell MP (@johnmcdonnell MP) 30 December 2017 Have a great Christmas.For most families it's a joyous time when we come together.Here in London, immense wealth nestles side-by-side with some of the worst poverty in the country.But we can see it also in the explosion of zero hour contracts.

Others enthusiastically embrace the idea of unfettered free markets.

Yours, John Mc Donnell MP Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer Of course, our opponents will argue, it would be very nice to live in a fairer or more equal society.

It would be nice, they might say, to ensure everyone has a decent home to live in, or access to education.

Owning a home of their own is an increasingly distant dream. But the left has comparably little trouble winning that argument.

Where we have trouble is not in convincing people of the moral case for change. But it happened on Labour’s watch and the last Labour government was too lax in its approach to finance.

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