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Its culture played a crucial role during the Persian Achaemenid dynasty that succeeded Elam, when the Elamite language remained among those in official use.Elamite is generally considered a language isolate unrelated to the much later arriving Persian and Iranic languages.At least three proto-Elamite states merged to form Elam: Anshan (modern Khuzestan Province), Awan (modern Lorestan Province) and Shimashki (modern Kerman).

Elam was part of the early urbanization during the Chalcolithic period (Copper Age).Traditionally, this was done through a federated governmental structure.The Proto-Elamite city of Susa was founded around 4000 BC in the watershed of the river Karun.The earliest levels (22—17 in the excavations conducted by Le Brun, 1978) exhibit pottery that has no equivalent in Mesopotamia, but for the succeeding period, the excavated material allows identification with the culture of Sumer of the Uruk period.Proto-Elamite influence from the Mesopotamia in Susa becomes visible from about 3200 BC, and texts in the still undeciphered Proto-Elamite writing system continue to be present until about 2700 BC.

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They were Anshanites, Marhashians, Shimashkians, Zabshalians, Sherihumians, Awanites, etc.